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The home inspired by the show ‘Gilmore Girls’ was the exact brief given to our designers by the clients; a family of four and a pet dog who wanted warm and bright spaces.

This eclectic home, spanning over 1500 sq. ft., is situated in Andheri West, Mumbai is a celebration of warm colours, prints, and textures.

The vision was to give this family a home that is a place of warmth amid their daily routine as doctors. Working on a colour palette and mood boards was the first step in the direction to create such a space. The challenge was to create a chic home packed with colours, quirk and playfulness, while giving a sense of oneness; without being overwhelming or overtly bold. The choice of keeping the shades of blue in every corner together with playful, vibrant colours and fluted glass textures was a conscious decision to maintain the continuity and visual rhythm of the space. If you are a fan of the show Gilmore girls, then this space will definitely transport you in that time.

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