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Shruti Dandekar
Founder and Creative Head

Ar. Shruti Dandekar founded The Design Corner with nearly a decade of experience in architecture, interior designing as well as product designing. Shruti completed her graduation in Architecture and Interior Design from University of Pune.  
As she was keen on learning the nuances and finest details of designing, she moved to Mumbai and gained experience in well-known firms like I.M Kadri and Sandeep Shikre and Associates, Mumbai. Critical analysis of large-scaled architectural projects, co-ordinating with consultants and furnishing working drawings for execution of site was major scope of her work. This experience up-skilled her expertise to let her handle an array of projects while working closely with clients, vendors, site contractors and team.
She had an opportunity to design and style a residential project in Pune, following the years of experience in Architecture and interior designing. She made the most of this opportunity by applying her skills and realized her ability and love towards designing and detailing. She strongly believes that Architecture and interior Designing goes hand-in-hand while planning, hence her previous experiences makes her design unique while detailing inside, in the context with outside.
Shruti excels in executing creative ideas with the help of detailed knowledge in various materials. It brings out fresh concepts possible with fine detailing.
The Design Corner was born with an objective of bringing freshness and innovation together with fine detailing. We, at The Design Corner, work closely with our clients to create spaces which reflects their personality with our expertise.
We believe in detailing each part with great care and love while collaborating with the best  of professional to give our clients the best of results. We effortlessly incorporate a beautiful blend of materials, colours and textures to create user- friendly designs, taking into consideration the needs of our clients.  
We are here to solve your problems while prioritising the requirements of our clients and deliver the most functional and beautiful spaces.
Our team takes great pride in making a house a home with an expertise in residential projects.

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