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We are elated to introduce you to our Principal Architect and Founder - Ar. Shruti Dandekar. A mom, an entrepreneur and a passionate designer, Shruti carries all these crowns with equal vigour. With her mind structured through architecture and heart drawn towards creative lines, she set out with a goal to build dream homes using her expertise combined with experience and an aesthetic bird-eye.

Hailing from a small town in the Western part of Maharashtra in India, her beliefs are deeply rooted in tradition and integrity along with a touch of modernity. Shruti graduated in Architecture and Interior Design from Cummins College, University of Pune in 2013. She relocated to Mumbai with a motive to learn intricate nuances and finest details of designing through practical experience in the field. Her early professional years consist of working in prestigious firms like I.M Kadri and Sandeep Shikre and Associates. Early on in her corporate journey she was entrusted with major responsibilities as she was successful in proving her capabilities along the way; and went on to make a mark for herself in the industry.

Her area of work initially consisted of critical analysis of large-scaled architectural projects, co-ordinating with consultants and furnishing working drawings for execution of site, amongst others. Due to her dedication and capability at work, she soon had the privilege to design and style an elaborate residential project in Pune. She made the most of this opportunity by applying her skills and highlighting her love for designing and detailing. It is her strong belief that architecture and interior designing go hand-in-hand from initial planning stages, and her work is a reflection of this belief. She successfully marries the exteriors of her project with her vision for its interiors, thus creating a perfect symphony.

Shruti believes that the early years of her career helped her embark on a journey of her own at a young age. It helped her up-skill her portfolio, carving her ability to manage an array of projects while working closely with clients, vendor management, site contractors and team along with focusing on intricate details and deep diving into products from concept designing to workings, drawings, learning intricacies of material selection and final executions.

Today, she has managed to pave her way into the industry purely on her own terms with dedication and a never give-up attitude.


The Design Corner

With over a decade of experience combined with a bundle of dreams and ambitions, Ar.Shruti Dandekar conceptualised ‘The Design Corner’ in 2019.

The Design Corner was founded with a belief of amalgamating versatility with innovation and intricate detailing. At The Design Corner, we work closely with our clients to create spaces which resonate with their personalities by adding a unique touch of our expertise to their dreams. Your vision is our priority and we help you realize it!


Every project is a reflection of our mission. We aim to bring to you luxury along with diversity, practicality and innovation by effortlessly incorporating a beautiful blend of materials, colours, textures and designs to bring your vision to life. We collaborate with the best professionals to successfully cater to your dreams and requirements.

Our team takes great pride in transforming and curating a house into functional and beautiful spaces that make your dream home. We also strongly believe in working and supporting like-minded leaders and women entrepreneurs to bring you the best.


We at The Design Corner look forward to inviting you into ur humble abode and helping you bring your vision to life.

Versatile Designs




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