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This apartment in midtown Mumbai was originally a 3BHK layout of approximately 1300 sq.ft. Our clients, middle-aged industrialist couple came from a large spatial experience in their mind. They were keen on converting their 3 BHK into a 2 BHK, where they could enjoy large spacious rooms, clean crisp lines, earthy and easy to maintain. 

With minimalistic requirements, we decided to predominantly use light grey terrazzo floor. It made the space visually effortless, lighter and larger. Dark walnut wood against the light floor, and some greens pots are the primary elements.

With an attempt to ace the art of sophistication, we categorically handpicked the furniture - cool blue sofa and arm chairs with beautiful nature prints against the muted background. The nature prints with small veins, dark blue sofa, potted palm, walnut wood and soft background - strike a beautiful balance together. The living room exudes calmness and sophistication as soon as one enters the home. Colourful painting on the wall illustrates the family’s memories through a picturesque landscape canvas created by Ar. Radhika Utpat.

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