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The Underlying of an Aesthetic Space

The dictionary defines the word aesthetic as having a sense of the beautiful; or of something characterized by a love of beauty. And this perspective of aesthetics differs from person to person.

As an architect I believe that the sense of aesthetic exists within each individual. The only requirement is to find that creative spark within yourself; and I am here to help you find that spark. I have made a list of ideas that will enable you to curate  your space effortlessly into a beautiful reflection of you.

 The Art of Dominance

Use only one highlighting element in a room. In simpler words, one dominant wall complimenting the other sides with muted and soft tones or texture. This allows the dominant to stand out and not lose its aura in the noise of other overpowering elements packed in the same space. Acing the art of dominance also leaves your space looking effortlessly elegant.

Incorporate Trends Consciously

We all love trends! But lets be honest, it is easy to get carried away by them. Necessarily, each viral trend need not compliment your space requirements. Moreover with social media on the peak, opinions keep changing drastically over a short span of time. Rather than replicating the entire trending concept, try to identify smaller themes or styles from within it to bind your spaces together with a touch of your liking. It ensures that you keep your trending game going, but also allows you scope to find what you like.

Elegant Play of Colour Tones

Always remember to compliment a cool tone moodboard with elements ranging from a warmer tone colour palate and vice versa. This ensures a balance of elements that are pleasurable to the aesthetic eye.

Art of Amalgamation

Keep one element of texture, shape or colour common across all rooms in your home. This simple trick will not only help you elevate the overall look & vibe but also binds the entirety of multiple elements together into one beautiful space.

Use Colour Palettes Wisely

Use a minimalistic colour palette, consisting of maximum of two or three colour shades within a closed area. Play of too many colours will make your space appear to be cluttered and smaller. This is the most important rule that ensure your space looks vibrant

Focus on Function First Rather Than Aesthetics

While aesthetics is important for an appealing home, always give functionality higher importance. Always remember that functional things can look aesthetical, but aesthetically pleasing items are not necessarily functional.

Camouflage your Everyday Utilities

Try and create designated spaces for your electronic devices, kitchen utilities,  smaller everyday items like dustbins, ladders, water purifiers, and so on. This will camouflage your items within your home interiors to create long lasting, functional and clean spaces for years to come.

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